About the Lodge

Square Wheels Lodge was consecrated in October 2018 and from the outset has had a very healthy number of enthusiast Freemasons as its membership is from across the whole of England and Wales. The Lodge had 75 Founding Members.

It is apparent that the hobby of vehicles and transport of all kinds is very prevalent among members of Freemasonry in general and membership of the Lodge is open to all.

We welcome members joining from within the Craft and also new members from within our wider hobby.

Thus there are two different aspects to membership of this unique Lodge.

We are proud of our Masonic elements but equally, we encourage a strong social element to involve our families

The Lodge meets currently four times per year with two meetings at Warwick in the centre of the country and two more where we travel to other venues and will usually invite along family and friends to enjoy lunch and a scenic Run after the Masonic meeting itself.

The aim of the Lodge is to nurture a real understanding of Freemasonry, to encourage the new Brethren to assimilate into and enjoy the Lodge and Freemasonry and to encourage their Masonic aspirations. We hope to maintain the proud tradition of charity within Freemasonry and uphold its ideals of integrity, friendship, respect and charity.

We try do all this but also have fun!
If you want to know more please get in touch for a chat and to discuss.